Frugal Fruit Fly Trap – That WORKS!

Alright, I don’t know if the monsoon rain we had in August and September is the culprit or not, but this year (late summer/early fall especially) we have seen the WORST fruit fly, mosquito and spider (my GOD, the SPIDERS!) invasion that I can remember in recent history.  The bugs have been relentless and I swear they enjoy waiting for me in every nook and cranny around here.

Then a couple of weeks ago, Biker Bob came home and was a bit too excited to tell me about the INCREDIBLE fruit fly trap idea that he heard Preston and Steve talking about on the radio.

Within minutes, he had constructed his trap.  Are you ready for this extreme simplicity?

:: Fill a glass about halfway with wine (flies are attracted by the sweet scent)

:: Cover glass with piece of plastic wrap

:: Poke a small hole in the top of the plastic wrap and set aside – for example, on a counter or windowsill.

The idea is that the flies will be attracted to the sweet scent of the wine.  They will crawl in through the hole and won’t be able to get out.

Our trap, ready to get to work!

fruit fly trap 2

We sat our trap in the windowsill and went about our day.

About 20 minutes later I heard a resounding “GOT ONE!!!” coming from the kitchen – seems we had caught our first flying creature.

By the end of the day?

Well, see for yourself:

fruit fly trap 1Fruit Fly Massacre 2011

This homemade trap was clearly a winner!

Our kitchen is fly-free and we didn’t have to break the bank to get it that way.

What bug or critter catching tips do you have?

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  • The fruit flies have been ridiculous this year. My only concern with this trap is wasting the half glass of wine.

    • devon

      LOL! If it helps at all, we used the very end of a very OLD box of wine for our trap. 🙂

  • Becky

    This works great for gnats, too!

  • Susan Beal

    Red wine vinagar works too….no need to waste the good stuff!!

  • Melanie

    Apple Cider Vinegar works too.

  • Stephanie Wilson

    Another great trap that won’t waste wine lol. Fill a glass half full with Apple Cider vinegar and a couple squirts of liquid dish soap and stir it up. The cider draws them in and the soap coats their wings and they are trapped.

  • This is an old concept. In Victorian times, I believe, they would use narrow necked glass bottles and put syrup in to catch flies.

  • Anya

    I do something similar, except I use an old soda bottle and apple cider vinegar. I like to soda bottle, because then I can just throw it out after and not have to worry about clean up.
    I love how great this works!

  • christina

    Very cool! I don’t drink wine so I use apple-cider vinegar and two/three drops of Dawn. Haven’t tried using plastic wrap, but thanks to your method, I am going to give it a try! Thanks for sharing!

  • devon

    Thank you for the awesome tips, everyone!! Woohoo for being bug free! LOL!

  • Erin


    • devon


  • Cheri S

    I use red wine vinigar and put press and seal over it. You have to do this fora few weeks since they are always laying eggs and you bring in new fruit and veggies be sure to wash them right away…. Including bananas.

  • Susan

    The fruit flies have been unbelievable this year and it started at our house when we didn’t have fruit around. We used the same method and caught tons. Next we used empty fruit/yogurt bowls with cider vinegar and a few drops of dish detergent without the plastic wrap, they seem to love balsamic vinegar as well.

  • Karen

    I do something like this in the summer for flys. I use a gallon jar with some fresh fish inards in tt. Punch a hole with a nail in the cover and put it back on the jar. Place the jar far enough away from your house door. he smell will attract the flys away from tour door. Once they get in the jar to go after the fish, they can’t get back out. OR recycle a gallon milk jug.

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  • Meredith

    We put a small bowl of dawn soap on the counter. Not sure why but it works too!!


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