Happy Thanksgiving!

Hard to believe that it’s already time for another Turkey Day, isn’t it?  This year I find myself thankful for more things that I can list – but topping them all are my family, my friends and yes, my amazing readers.  I am so thankful to have all of you in my life – you make me laugh and smile each and every day!

Oh yes – another thing I am thankful for – PRESCHOOL ART. I mean, seriously – I can’t find my refrigerator because it’s buried beneath creation after creation, but it’s just so.stinkin.cute!!

lj thanksgiving art

On that note, I leave you with the funniest Thanksgiving memory that I have – and it’s truly bizarre.

Many years ago, circa 2001 or so, one of my mom’s co-workers sent her a Hallmark eCard.  This card was strange, a bit frightening and more than anything else, hilarious.  Each and every year following that one, someone in our family would always send it to everyone else and give us all a good chuckle.

And then last year, without warning, Hallmark pulled the card from their online offerings.

I swear a little piece of my heart died.


Yesterday, I decided to Google the card – and lo and behold – some genius out there has uploaded this very favorite and wonderful event to YouTube.

Without further ado, I will wish you a “Happy Thanksgiving, La La La!” as you watch this freaky, yet hypnotic card for yourself: