Occupy This: Shop Small Businesses this Holiday Season (Plus a FREE $25 from American Express on 11/26!)

occupy small businessesI’ll be the first to admit – I really don’t “get” the Occupy movements.  The only tidbit that I have gathered after weeks and weeks of this protesting is that big banks are greedy and yes, so are large corporations.  Though perhaps the biggest impression that the whole thing has left on me is something that I already try to do: buy local and support small businesses.  In other words, if you’re going to complain that Company X is outsourcing and their soap is made overseas in Zimbabwe, then march into your local shop or boutique and purchase your soap there.  You will support a business whose revenue benefits your town and, in turn, the country.  You increase your neighbor’s job security and add to the nation’s productivity.  Fact.

Yes, it costs a little more to do this.  That’s the sacrifice, no?  Many of us cannot afford to completely jump ship and purchase EVERYTHING local – but we can all take small steps towards that goal, a little at a time.

We buy our eggs from a local farm, our milk from another local farm.  When the budget allows, we also purchase our meat from yet another local farm.

So this holiday season, here’s the challenge:  I challenge you to purchase just ONE of the holiday gifts on your list from a local or small business.  Whether you buy a handmade craft from Etsy or some locally grown coffee at the farmer’s market or a toy from your neighborhood toy store – you can do it!

Turns out, if you have an American Express card, AMEX will even PAY you to support a small business.  November 26th is Small Business Saturday.  You will need to register your American Express card prior to that date.  Then on 11/26, make a purchase of $25 or more at a small business and AMEX will give you a $25 credit on your statement.

Local readers looking for a great gift idea – consider stopping into one of my FAVE restaurants – the Down to Earth Cafe in Perkasie, PA.  Right now DTEC has these super cute gift boxes on sale – for $20 you get a 1 lb bag of One Village Coffee and a package of Asher’s Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers – both companies are local to this area.  Your box is completed with  pretty bow – all ready for gift giving!

down to earth cafe perkasieMy plan is to swing by DTEC on 11/26 to pick up a couple of these… because pretty much everyone on my holiday gift list loves coffee and loves chocolate.  So I can do my part to buy local and support a small business while picking up some fun and thoughtful gifts.

And while I’m there, I just might have to eat.  You know, because it would be wrong not too.  😉

down to earth cafe perkasieWhat small business will you visit on November 26th?