Cafe de Lily

Lily: Mom, here is your menu so you can see what food we have at the restaurant. *hands me a wooden postcard from Melissa and Doug post office set*

Me: Thanks!  Wow – it all sounds delicious.  Do you have any sandwiches?

Lily:  No…  other people just ate them all.

Me:  Oh.  Ok.  Do you have any fish?

Lily: No.

Me:  Do you have any pizza?

Lily: No, we just put that away.

Me: How about some spaghetti?

Lily: I’m pretty sure a bird just ate it.

Me:  Well, what do you have?

Lily: We have some real nice broccoli.

*Leaves room for several minutes.  Can hear intense toy digging in the playroom.  Returns with “tray” as pictured above.*

Lily: Great news – Pizza Hut called – they were able to make you some pizza.  But the power is still out at Starbucks so I can’t get you a coffee until tomorrow.

Just sharing this little snippet from our day today to reinforce how ridiculously important (and amusing!) imaginative play can be for kids – and how entertaining it can be for us adults as well.  🙂