Easter Peep and Jellybean Centerpiece

peeps planter-001

I am FAR from the first person to think of this centerpiece idea – Pinterest is just loaded with different renditions.

You can choose between different jellybeans, different colored Peeps and pick your favorite type of flower to place inside.  (The most common flowers that I have seen used are tulips.)

I chose purple bunny Peeps (2 layers) and Starburst Jellybeans (cheap after coupon at CVS last week).  I have also seen people use Easter colored M&Ms for the base instead of jellybeans.  I opted for Begonias because I wasn’t thrilled with the tulip, hyacinth or daffodil selection at our store.

I used a hurricane candle holder – any large holder will work.

Assembly took 5 minutes or less – I just LOVE this!