Happy Hunger Games!

My Facebook fans are in on a little secret: I am one of those saps that absolutely, without a doubt, CANNOT wait to see The Hunger Games movie. I stumbled upon this little obsession innocently enough: more and more friends were talking about the books, posting about the books. Every time I went to look for free Kindle books on Amazon, I noticed that The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins was not only ranked #1 on the Top 100 Books List, but could also be borrowed for FREE thanks to my Amazon Prime membership.

So you see, I was clearly forced into reading the book.

A little warning to any of you who are considering reading this book: just make sure you have the next 2-3 days completely free.  Because you will get so lost in this story, you will not be able to put it down.  I read this thing cover to cover in about a day – quite the feat when you have a 3 year old.  After finishing the first book, I jumped right into the 2nd and 3rd books – all were completed within the week.

I figured I would share a little bit about how my excitement to see The Hunger Games this weekend has escalated into a bit of a frenzy.

Last week as we hit the road for the return trip to PA after a week in Florida, I couldn’t wait to jump into The Hunger Games Special Edition of People Magazine.  Filled with lots of pictures and behind-the-scenes info, it kept me occupied for roughly 17 minutes of our 18 hour road trip.  Excellent.

Later in the drive I got the brilliant idea to reread The Hunger Games.  By the following morning, I reached the end of the book.

This then lead me to Pinterest where I feverishly pinned fun stuff to my Hunger Games Board.

I kept finding postcards that made me giggle:

Obviously Biker Bob (who has also read the entire Hunger Games triology at my behest) became caught up in my nonsense because at one point he started shouting, “PEETA!” and pointing…


The Hunger Games obsession has continued at home.

This evening I noticed that Lily Bean was playing with a cooking pot that came with one of her many Disney princess play sets.

But all I could see was the pot of hot broth that sailed down to Katniss attached to a silver parachute.

Come on – can’t you see it?

I am excited to see The Hunger Games (yes, I already have my tickets!) this weekend for several reasons: date night with Biker Bob, large container of popcorn that I will share very little of with Bob…  but most of all I am excited to see if this movie lives up to the incredible hype and fanfare.  I am always critical of books-turned-movies – especially when I loved the book.  Very few movies live up to the book – most don’t even come close.  From what I have seen and read though, The Hunger Games does have the potential to be fantastic.

So on that note, I will leave you with a few words from the ever-wise Lily Bean:


P.S. Why does my kid sound like a Kennedy?