Our Pets Are Just Plain Odd

We have three indoor pets – 1 dog (Zoe) and 2 cats (Belle and Cinderella).  Bet you can’t guess who named the cats.

We have three outdoor pets – 3 horses (Seeker, Winston and Dash).

There are times when their antics leave Bob and I shaking our heads in disbelief.  They really do define the term “funny farm.”

So a couple weeks ago, I decided to surprise the dog and cats (well, as much as you can surprise a dog and cats anyway) with brand new beds.  The cats didn’t have beds as they had deemed the couches and our beds to be lovely furniture to rest upon.  Zoe had a bed but despite several washings, it had seen better days.

I was excited to place the new pet beds in their respective spots in the living room.  Each cat got her own oval shaped pillow while Zoe got a bigger, rectangular bed.  Without much coaxing, I happened upon this scene about 30 minutes after the beds arrived:

cats in beds


They loved them!

All was brilliant in the world!

I gathered up the kid and her various jacket/backpack accoutrements and out the door we went to preschool.  Not 15 minutes later,  I came home to find this:

Zoe.  In the cat beds.  Note the background change – she actually dragged the one bed from one room to another.  Then she curled her large boxer/dalmation body so that it almost-but-not-quite fit tucked inside the bed walls.

Also note that she is refusing to make eye contact with me.  I think she thought that if our eyes never met she would remain invisible.

I mean.  Really?

I probably don’t have to mention the really pissy looks that Belle and Cinderella were shooting the dog from across the room.  And now that the cat beds reek of DOG, it’s rare that either cat goes near them.

Instead I find them precariously perched around the house like before.  For example:


But then again, should I even be surprised?

I’m sure you all recall this fine example of horse sass:


So… is it just us?

Does anyone else have bizarre-o pets?