Wordless Wednesday: Dynamite

Kid was happier than hell to meet and greet giant, imposing space ranger and cowboy costumed persons.  She posed with aliens and stinky gold prospectors without question.  Green army man?  No problem!

But strap her to a stick of fake dynamite and it’s game over.  Not happy.  Done.

This picture makes me laugh more and more every. single. time. that I see it! She is STILL telling us that she does not like rockets! LOL!

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  • Stacey Hill

    I love, love, love this photo. It really is hysterical. It should be on the cover of something… Or a postcard… or maybe a greeting card… “Sorry to hear about your bad day” ha ha ha ha ha Poor Lily… I’d totally be you though! At Disney we took a bathroom break and my 6 year old son blindly followed the ladies into the bathroom. “PUSH” the robotic trashcan just happened to witness the event and subsequently shouted out in his perfectly robotic voice…. “Did you see that? DUDE JUST WENT INTO THE LADIES BATHROOM!” B was mortified. And to this day, the rest of us LOVE Push and often quote him. And EVERY TIME, Braden makes the same face as Lily in this photo. ha ha ha ha ha

    • Anonymous

      HA! That’s a great story – totally made me LOL.