Disney Character Meal Review: Storybook Princess Breakfast at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in Epcot

Last year we had dinner at Akershus.  It was our first Disney character meal EVER and the whole experience was exceptional.  The food was really good, service was perfect and the princess interaction sent Lily Bean over-the-top.  At the age of 2, Lily thought the princesses were great and enjoyed when they came around to our table.  She refused, however, to really come out of her shell and talk to them.  We tried to get her to walk around the restaurant during the “Princess Parade” and it was a BIG FAT NO.

Can you detect her tear-streaked face with a deer-in-the-headlights look from last year?

Lily and Belle at Epcot

Fast forward.

This year.

We knew that we wanted to head to Akershus again.  The meal was delicious and if Lily was into the princess gang last year, she is full-blown obsessed with them this year.  The character meals are such a nice option because they eliminate the need to waste half your day standing in lines to meet your favorite characters.  You sit and enjoy your meal while the characters come to you for pictures and autographs.  It’s really a win-win.

Since last year’s outing to Akershus was for dinner, we decided to try their breakfast this year.  I am going to use my review from last year to outline the main points of this meal.

We saved our breakfast with the princesses for the end of our trip.  The excitement that morning was palpable (as it had been for most of the week!)  It wasn’t hard to feed off of Lily’s energy and I made a special point to burn those memories into my brain – to see the magic dancing in her eyes gave me a feeling that I wish I could bottle!

lily belle dress

When you dine at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, the princess that greets you when you enter is almost always Belle from Beauty in the Beast. Knowing that she would meet Belle first clinched her decision to wear her YELLOW DRESS.

Breakfast at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

Note: Admission to this restaurant requires an admission ticket to Epcot Center

Location: Epcot Center in World Showcase (Norway)

Meals served: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Reservations: Reservations are highly recommended and it is not uncommon for the restaurant to be fully booked – so reserve your spot early (a $10 per person deposit is required to hold your reservation). We booked our meal around 3 months before our trip.

Price: Kids under 3 are FREE. Kids 3-9: breakfast $24, lunch $25, dinner $26 & Adults: breakfast $40, lunch $42, dinner $47. Soft drinks are included (kids can also choose from water, juice or milk). Alcohol is available for an additional charge.  Gratuity is extra.

Characters: Disney Princesses – appearance schedule can vary (we saw: Belle, Snow White, Aurora, Ariel and Cinderella)

Princess Meet and Greet: When you first enter the restaurant, you are greeted by a princess – we were greeted by Belle. QUITE the different kid than last year – this year’s Lily bounded up to Belle like they were old chums.  Lily was only too happy to pose for a picture or two – complete with a pointed toe.  LOL!

Included in this meal is also a picture package – what a nice souvenir! We received (1) 8×10 print and (3) matching 4×6 prints in a protective cover.

lily and belle at akershus

Meal Style: Family style – server takes your drink and meal order and makes several check-backs for drink refills, etc. When you are seated, you are directed to a small buffet style appetizer bar. You will find bagels, croissants, cinnamon rolls, yogurt, fresh fruit and some traditional Norwegian fare- including smoked salmon and Norwegian cheeses.

Your server will bring a large platter to your table of hot food.  Served family style, we received large portions of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and cheesy potatoes.  We were STUFFED with just one plate – though you are welcome to request more food if you’re still hungry.

Princesses During Mealtime: Throughout our meal, we had several princesses stop by our table to say hello. Every princess stops at every table – they will engage your child(ren) in a short conversation, pose for pictures and sign autograph books. Lily loved watching the princesses as they made their way from table to table. She waited on pins and needles for each princess to arrive and hopped out of her chair for autograph signing and picture taking!

lily at akershus

lily and cinderella at akershus

lily and aurora at akershus

Ariel was excited to find a fellow redhead.  😉

lily and ariel at akershus

And of course, Lily’s very very very favorite of them all (ever since meeting her last year) – Snow White.  And even more special – Snow White made a special point to come back to Lily and ask her to hold her hand for the princess parade around the restaurant (which they run every 30 minutes or so).  Last year there was no chance in HELL that Lily would join (believe me, we tried).  This year?  WHOLE DIFFERENT BALLGAME!

lily and snow white at akershus 2

lily and snow white at akershus 1

Conclusion: This character meal is going to get 4 out of 4 stars from us for the second year in a row. We loved the food, we loved the entertainment, we loved the time spent with each other.

We also really liked the fact that the meal included a complimentary picture package.

When all was said and done, our meal (including tip) came to just under $130.We used some of the credit on our Disney Chase Visa Rewards Card, so it was actually FREE.

If you have a princess (or princesses) of your own, we highly recommend this character meal, based on our own experience there.