Moves Like Jaguars

Actual conversation that took place in the car yesterday between Lily and I:

Lily:  I love this song!

Me: I do too – it’s catchy, isn’t it?

Lily: Yeah.  But… what’s it about? Moving jaguars?

Me: No.  They are actually saying “moves like Jagger.”  There is a famous singer and his name is Mick Jagger.  This song is about dancing like Mick Jagger – not actual jaguars.

Lily: Oh.  (sounds disappointed)

Me: Would you like the song better if it was about dancing jaguars?

Lily: Yes, I really would.

Me: Well, I think the words are open to interpretation.  Your version can be “Moves Like Jaguars.”

Lily:  Oh yay! Now I really love this song!!!

True story.  All of it.

Song in question – “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera: