Thanks a “Latte” Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea with FREE Printable Card Templates

Teacher Appreciation Day is May 8, 2012 this year.

When I was a teacher, one of my favorite gifts to receive by far were gift cards – Starbucks being the most coveted.  Inspiration for this project came from eighteen25.  My friend, Nicole, whipped up the templates below for us.

These cards are a fairly simple gift to assemble.  They print in a 5×7 size and you can print them at home or from the photo finishing company of your choosing.  I printed my cards on matte finished photo paper and they came out a tad flimsier than I had in mind.  I remedied this by using double-sided tape and affixed the photo paper to card stock.  You can skip this step altogether simply by printing your cards out on a thicker card stock.

I bought Starbucks gift cards for each of Lily’s teachers (though you could certainly substitute any coffee shop’s gift card).

Click on any of the 8 templates below to get a full sized version of the card.  To save the full sized version on your computer, just right click over the large image and choose “save as.”

To complete these cards, draw a line wide enough to fit a vertically placed gift card and cut that line.

Make sure the card fits!

Next, you’ll need one of those “oh-my-God-this-drink-is-burning-my-flesh-protector-thingers.”  I was displeased to discover that Starbucks prints this super annoying time stamp right smack dab in the middle of their cardboard sleeves.  Grrrrrr.  I had to cut around the time stamp.  Then I affixed the cut piece to my card, Starbucks logo down, with double-sided tape.

To finish off my cards, I wrapped a long strand of hemp around each one a couple of times (twine would work great as well), tying the ends in a small bow.  I will let Lily sign each of the cards before we deliver them.

Finished products!