May Photo Challenge – Join Me? #connectwithpc

Today is the first day of May and one of my fave photo product sites, Paper Coterie, has offered up a photo challenge that starts today.  Each day, take a picture that correlates with the corresponding prompt for that day.

For example, day 1 (today) the prompt is “my life.” It’s open to any interpretation you’d like to spin.  I find much of my time split between blogging (shocker) and spending time with Lily Bean ( <3 ), so my picture for today reflected the view from my morning coffee.

I’m going to try to stick out the entire month!  Want to join me?

Here are your prompts for each day:

Take your picture each day – share on Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram and be sure to include the tag #connectwithpc.

Feel free to leave a link to your pic in our comments for that day’s prompt as well (or on our Facebook page)!

Want more?

Head to Paper Coterie and get a FREE $15 site credit through 5/14/12 with promo code GIFTFAVES

Leave a comment on the Paper Coterie blog post for the May photo challenge by 5/4/12 and they will treat you to some sort of freebie offer by email!