How to Make a Snickers Frappuccino at Starbucks

starbucks snickers frappuccino

Remember in National Lampoon’s Vacation when Clark says he is “on a quest to see a moose?”

That’s how Biker Bob and I are feeling right now – but our “quest” is about trying different SECRET frappuccino flavors at Starbucks.  Secret just means that these flavor combos are not found on the Starbucks menu.  Most baristas are happy to experiment for you – as long as you have an idea of which ingredients they need to mix and, if possible, how much of each.


This week we tried out a Snickers Frappuccino.  I would like to add the following disclaimer: the drink pictured above was Bob’s drink – I don’t think I could ever drink a frap that large.  Also, I got the light version, which you can order any time you get a mocha-based frap. AND – we redeemed a free drink coupon for Bob’s drink b/c, OMG, a Venti Frappuccino is like $8 and that it beyond my budget for SURE!

Snickers Frappuccino

Java Chip Frappuccino

2 pumps of Toffee Nut Syrup

Caramel Drizzle

What we thought:  We thought the non-light version of this frap tasted a little more spot-on like a Snickers candy bar.  It was very tasty.  That being said it was also a lot sweeter than the light version – I was glad that I had the lighter variation but Bob had no trouble gulping down his drink.