Sundae School: The Ice Cream Parlor That Gives Me Happy Anxiety

It’s hot here.

Like, real hot.

Like, the kind of hot that has to be God’s funny science experiment that he calls “Hell Simulation.”  When you walk outside the heat and humidity feel like someone just threw a wet washcloth (that is on FIRE) in your face.

You get it.

Sometimes when the weather is this brutal, we pile into the old 4 wheel drive sleigh and seek a frozen treat – most commonly, ice cream.  One of our favorite places is an old schoolhouse-turned-ice-cream-parlor in Souderton/Hilltown, PA called Sundae School.  Last night we found ourselves at Sundae School, attempting to cool down from a particularly brutal day of summer heat.  (Need I remind you again that we do NOT have central air?!)

As the heat of the day glazed over my eyes, I stood in line trying to make my decision.  It was then and there that I realized that Sundae School is really not the place to go if you have a hard time deciding on what ice cream combination you’re in the mood for.  Shakes! Sundaes! Cones! Cups! Fudge! Cake! Gelatos!

Don’t believe me?  Look at this insanity –


It can be overwhelming to say the least!

Check out some of these flavors –

And what kid wouldn’t want this creepy ice cream sundae dude named BORIS?!

I both love and hate the dozens upon dozens of flavor combos at Sundae School.  Sometimes I am brave and try something new – like last night I got the “Birthday Sundae” which had chocolate cookie dough ice cream (they were out of birthday cake ice cream), buttercream FROSTING (what?!), whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles and a cherry on top.

Other nights I revert to the fetal position and block out the splashy signs – just ordering a boring-yet-oh-so-predictable mint chocolate chip in a dish or cone.

Last night’s choice was like the perfect sucker punch to the heat wave though – no complaints here!

Where is YOUR family’s favorite cool-down-sweet-treat spot?