Weird Crap at the Thrift Store

I think I should do a post series entitled “Weird Ass Crap That I Found Lurking on the Local Thrift Store Shelf.”

For as many treasures that I have found over the years while “thrifting,” I have definitely found more than my fair share of oddities.

Last week we were at ReStore and after the 5th or 6th strange item made me snicker out loud, I figured I should snap a couple pictures to that I could share them with you.

Here were my top 3 –

Kool Cigarettes Playing Cards – Once I got past reminiscing because I’m pretty sure we had several of these card decks in our house when I was little, it struck me just how much times have changed.  Cigarette ads and cigarette smoking used to be EVERYWHERE – you didn’t even notice it because you were so used to it.  Now it sticks out like a sore thumb.

P.S.  I love that the girl in the picture is wearing a stack of jelly bracelets on her arm.  They were the BEST!

Hooters 25th Anniversary Plate – I think the only question here is: should I put my cheese and crackers on this one or the brownie bites that I made for dessert?  With Klassy written all over it, that would be a hard decision to make.  P.S. This plate was marked a whopping $5 – I was expecting more like $.05.  I guess I just don’t appreciate true craftsmanship.

Bi Centennial – Era Warming Plate – Oh. Where do I even begin?  I was first drawn in by the EXCITEMENT on the box.  Check it out:

The “Party Hostess” warm-o-tray is “A Perfect Gift!”

Other bragging points include:

now it’s a joy to entertain!
use on dining table, buffet, patio!
hot hors d’oeuvres for the cocktail hour!
wonderful for all oven baked dishes!
electric unit guaranteed one year!

I know that you are already holding yourself back from racing out the door to buy one of these puppies. But wait.  It gets better.

You can keep your pigs-in-a-blanket warm WHILE showing off your patriotism – ALL AT ONCE!

So tell me – what’s the strangest thing you have ever found at a thrift store or yard sale?