Make Your Own – Simple Framed Chalkboard Tutorial

For Lily’s birthday party, I kept picturing this lovely chalkboard propped up on hay bales that welcomed people to the party with a big ‘ol “Happy 4th Birthday, Lily!” on it.  When I started to price out the purchase of a new frame, wood or plexiglass to go inside of it, paint, etc, I really considered not having a chalkboard at all.

Then I had an idea.  I’m lying.  Bob had the idea.  But I did the legwork.  So I will share the idea.

So anyway.

I went to the local thrift store (ReStore in Chalfont, PA for local readers).  I found the most glorious, large, shabby chic frame in the store – which just so happened to be framing an old oil painting.  I bought the frame for just $8 and scurried on home with it.

Now, the oil paint gave the painting a little bit of texture.  I could have scraped that off… I could have just covered the whole area with wood or plexiglass like I mentioned above.  But I decided that I liked the textured look to it and left it just as it was.

I used blue painter’s tape to cover up the inner edges of the frame.

I sprayed a coat of primer right onto the canvas and let it dry in the sun for about 30 minutes.

Next came a coat of chalkboard paint.  I let the whole thing sit to dry overnight before attempting to write on it.

When it was completely dry, I removed the tape and grabbed a piece of white chalk.  I scrawled my message on the canvas and here’s what it looked like:

On the day of the party, there was no doubt in my mind – this chalkboard was the perfect party accent.  Simple and frugal but absolutely adorable!