Morris Farm Market in Barco, NC – Fun Place to Stop En Route to Outer Banks!

Do you ever head to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for vacation?

If so, you should check out Morris Farm Market in Barco, NC on your next trip!  We were driving along the highway (Caratoke Highway – the highway into OBX) and saw some signs for various farm markets.  We passed a couple smaller ones and then we saw the sprawling Morris Farm Market up ahead. Okay, I lied.  We actually breezed PAST the farm market and I yelled at Bob to TURN AROUND NOW because I SAW SOME STUFF IN MASON JARS ON SHELVES IN THE FARM MARKET and I really thought we should check it out.  (Because, you know, God FORBID I miss the chance to gaze upon random jars of homemade preserves.)


We turned around and pulled into Morris Farm Market.  What a COOL place!  Fresh produce literally everywhere you looked.  Wine, cider, PRESERVES, salsa… even a little snack bar with PEACH CIDER floats and other goodies.

Seriously – look at this sprawl:

We found super clean and spacious bathrooms at the back of the market.  We picked up some produce for our week at the beach and CIDER.  OH!  The CIDER!

This is a look at just part of their CIDER WALL:

There were SO many different kinds of cider to choose from.  We opted for peach, apple, strawberry and blackberry.

And besides their regular every day goodness, do you know what cider is AWESOME for?  Making adult icy beverages to enjoy on the beach!

We used the strawberry and peach ciders to make some delicious drinks.  We dumped cider, spiced rum (we also tried them with brandy) and a TON of ice into the blender and voila – delish!

We liked our first stop at Morris Farm Market so much, we stopped there again on the way home.  We picked up some more cider (having plowed through almost everything we took to the beach).  We also grabbed some produce to enjoy at home.