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Obviously it goes without saying, but we are “elf” people.  If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, especially in the month of December, you know that for the past few years we have had fun with our Elf on the Shelf, Oboe.  Every night between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, Oboe travels back to the North Pole to tell ‘ol Santa if Lily Bean has been good that day or if she belongs on the dreaded naughty list.

At this point, now 3 years deep in the elf tradition, the ideas start to dry up and it gets harder and harder to come up with new ideas for Oboe’s location each day.

Enter the newest (and by new I mean just weeks old!) company to help ease the nightly pain of where to hide the flippin’ elf: Elf Outfitters.  The folks over at EO are pumping out OUTFITS and ACCESSORIES for your family elf!  Affordable and fun, each themed set comes with several pieces for your elf to wear and also includes an inspiration card or two that is chock full of ideas for elf-scene-creating.  Important to note – these outfits and accessories are NOT just for the branded “Elf on the Shelf.” They will fit elves of many shapes and sizes – plush and doll form.

Available for purchase are:

:: Hawaiian Luau Kit – $7  (Includes: Grass Skirt, Coconut Bra, Beach Towel, Umbrella, Elf Ideas Inspiration Card)

:: Holiday Apron Kit – $7 (Includes: Reversible Holiday Apron, Cookie Cutter, Elf Ideas Inspiration Card)

:: Sleeping Bag Kit – $8 (Includes: Ripstop Nylon Sleeping Bag (choice of two colors), Pillow, Elf Ideas Inspiration Card)

:: Superhero Kit – $8 (Includes: Superhero Cape with Personalized Letter, Adhesive Masks, Elf Ideas inspiration Card)

:: Tutu Princess Kit – $10 (Includes: Tulle Tutu, Wand, Bejeweled Tiara, Elf Ideas Inspiration Card)

:: Winter Weather Kit – $8 (Includes: Vest, Earmuffs, Scarf, Elf Ideas Inspiration Card)

These are THE CUTEST!

Have your elf show up wearing various Elf Outfitter apparel or (OR!!) consider having your kids GIVE some EO love to your family elf.  Oboe is always bringing little trinkets for Lily – I know that she would get such a kick out of returning the favor.

You can follow Elf Outfitters on Facebook for lots of updates and information.  Shipping is quick – orders pack and ship within a couple of days after ordering.

Here are some pictures of our Elf Outfitter Kits – and keep an eye out because Oboe will be showing up on our blog VERY soon sporting some Elf Outfitter apparel!

elf outfitters super hero elf outfitters luau hawaiian elf outfitters tutu elf outfitters apron

And the Elf Inspiration Cards:

elf outfitters inspirational cards

Elf Outfitters provided us with a set of kits to review in order to facilitate this review.  All that was asked in return for the kits was an honest review of the products.  All opinions in this review are 100% our own.