How to Make Ribbon Card Holder and Holiday Clothespins

holiday cards on ribbon

Every year I look forward to getting Christmas cards – they are always one of the highlights of my holiday season! Now that Lily is a little older, I love putting cards as they arrive on the table in a stack – and telling her that she has some mail to open. She is always thrilled to help me out!

As the cards begin to pour in each year, I do what I have always done – pile them into a basket on a shelf. Once in the basket, only the card on the very top gets to see the light of day. The rest never get much more than a second glance. I hate that – I always think to myself that it would be nice to come up with a non-obnoxious way to display the cards for all to see.

This year I had a bunch of ribbon left over from our Christmas tree. I decided to hang the ribbon over the new sliding doors in the new kitchen. I figured this would not only look pretty, but it would also distract our visitors from the disaster of a backyard that we were left with after almost an entire year of construction. (Remember the scenes from Armageddon when they’re on the crater? Yeah, kinda looks like that… the ENTIRE backyard.)

So I gathered my supplies and set out to make some sort of card holder. I had the roll of ribbon already and then picked up some clothespins and candy candy patterned Duck Tape. (You do not need to use Duck Tape – you can use any decorative tape that you find at craft stores, etc.)

christmas clothespins 1

Take the clothespins and lay them flat on the sticky side of the tape.  Press the tape down onto the pins and cut the tape around the pin, leaving one entire side covered in tape.

christmas clothespins 2

christmas clothespins 3

Use the clothespins to hang up your cards as they come in the mail.

Functional, frugal and OH-SO-CUTE!!

holiday cards on ribbon