Easter Candy Jelly Bean Floral Centerpiece

Jellybean Vase

Easter Candy Jelly Bean Floral Centerpiece

Despite the falling temps and ANOTHER winter weather watch, the calendar claims that it’s Spring.  And one week from today is Easter.  So in a desperate attempt to give my drab house a little color, I set out to make some simple centerpieces for the dining room table.

These will work with any kind of clear jar or vase and you can substitute any colorful candy you’d like instead of jelly beans.

You will need:


Clear jars or vases

Double shot glasses (one for every jar)

Colorful Easter candy

Spring flowers (your choice – I used tulips)

How to make:

Start with one jar and place a shot glass inside.


Fill up the jar with your candy – make sure you keep the candy on the outside of the shot glass.



Stop when the candy reaches the top of the shot glass, so that you can’t see the glass when you look at the jar from the outside.


Carefully fill the shot glass about halfway with water, taking care not to get ANY water on the candy.  I used a turkey baster to fill mine.



Insert 2-3 blooms of your choice.  You will probably need to trim your flower stems a bit to make them fairly short.