The Nursery Rhyme Day That Did Not Live Up to My Expectations

Let’s face it – we are living in an age of Pinterest.  Pretty, crafty things swirl around our heads and in front of our faces like never before.  Even the very LEAST crafty of people (ME) stand a fighting chance at some of the simpler DIY projects displayed on Pinterest.

A couple weeks ago when I brought home the March calendar for Lily’s preschool, I vaguely remember gazing upon a “Nursery Rhyme Character” day.  I also remember thinking very briefly to myself that I could probably come up with a pretty kick ass costume for Lily to wear to school.


So in my mind, I was picturing an amazing transformation, much like this video (which, I’ll point out, makes me shriek a little bit with laughter every time I see it):

Here’s what actually happened:

Tuesday night.

10 pm.

Just as I started to think about the sweet release of sleep.

“Oh holy HELL.  Tomorrow.  It’s not?  Is it?” *Races to kitchen to look at almighty preschool calendar.*

“Nooooooooooooooooooo!  Nursery Rhyme Character Day is TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!”

Slight panic set in and I started to mentally tick through the nursery rhymes that I knew of to see if any of them rang a bell with any sort of poor excuse for a costume that I could throw together.

Three Little Kittens Who Lost Their Mittens  (and to tell the truth I’m still not 100% sure this is an actual nursery rhyme… Google was split between that and a folk tale.)

Pieces from cat costume (ears and tail) from Halloween costume 2 years ago – CHECK

Eyeliner to draw some whiskers on Lily’s face – CHECK

Pair of mittens to pin to Lily’s pants – CHECK

Several safety pins – CHECK

Clearly not my finest hour, but it worked.  Lily’s teacher seemed to approve of her ensemble and Lily was thrilled to wear ears and a tail to school (I mean, who woudn’t be).

nursery rhyme day

Fictitious literary characters – 0

Sleep deprived, multitasking mom – 1