This Thing with the Screaming Sheep and Goats in the Music Videos

I’ll be the first to admit – I love a good viral video.

My favorite videos usually involve flash mobs breaking out into dance, creative wedding party dances or babies and/or animals doing something cute.

But if you have seen this latest rash of videos to hit YouTube, you know that they are neither cute nor wedding related and well, they are just bizarre-town.  That being said, I laugh my ass off just about every time I see one.

So I’m pretty sure it started with a Taylor Swift song (I Knew You Were Trouble) but I could always stand corrected.  Watch it for yourself:

Creepy but sorta funny, right?

And as always happens with all videos-gone-viral, there have been a slew of parodies popping up.  Here are some of my favorites –

Queen gets in on the action with We are the Champions, Sheep Remix

Usher gets some help in Scream

Justin Bieber didn’t want to be left out – his breakout song Baby now has a Sheep/Goat Duo Edition

Even Adele is Rolling in the Sheep

Psy gets in some Open Gangnam SHEEP

And for the grand finale, One Direction clearly has a hit with this one, Goats Make You Beautiful