The Most Beautiful Payment That Farm and Home Oil Company Will Ever Receive

I should have known that the kid was being too quiet.

I knew that she was in the kitchen.

I knew that she was sitting at the table.

I called to her from the other room as I cleaned up this and that.  “Hey Lily!  What are you up to?”

“I’m just making a craft, Mom.  It’s a picture for little Lily – my friend at pony club.”

I didn’t have much cause to worry.  Lily is, after all, a well-behaved kid for the most part.  I knew that she had plenty of paper and various coloring books to attack with stamps, stickers and markers.

About 15 minutes later, I finally made it back to the kitchen.  Lily proudly held up her  artwork – a creation that she no doubt labored over and poured her heart and soul into.  Look closely.  Can you tell what she used?

oil bill 1


That would be my oil bill.

All sealed up, check enclosed, ready to mail.

I’m not sure which was worse – telling Lily that she couldn’t keep this exquisite example of modern art to give to her friend or making the decision to actually put a STAMP on this thing and put it in the MAIL.

Unfortunately, a copy of our bill was carbon copied onto the inside of the actual envelope, so handing it to Lily’s little friend was not an option.

Hopefully it gives whoever is in charge of receiving payments at Farm & Home Oil Company a smile.

Though I did add this disclaimer:

oil bill 2

More coffee please.