Thanks for the Entertainment, Mirena!


I get it.

Most doctor offices are pretty bare bones when it comes to decorative accents.  My OB/GYN office is a classic example.  Each patient room offers little-to-no-frills.  An oversized watercolor poster or perhaps a poster depicting stages of pregnancy and/or reproductive organs adorn one wall while the rest remain bare.  The wallpaper is a bland neutral color and the tile floors pretty much seal the deal that you are, indeed, sitting in a doctor’s office.

Lily goes with me to most of my pre-natal appointments.  She’s generally a quiet, well-behaved little lady and enjoys talking to the nurses and doctors as well as listening for baby brother’s “heart beep” as she calls it.

Yesterday was my 25 week check-up and we waited maybe 5-10 minutes in the exam room between the nurse and doctor’s visits.  Besides the aforementioned watercolor poster on the one wall, there was literally nothing hanging up that might occupy her attention during our wait.  We sat and chatted about ponies and vacation bible school and world peace and whether or not pre-k would have more boys or more girls in her class this fall.  Clearly we were running out of topics.

As I rummaged in my purse to find a spot for the next round of pre-natal bloodwork paperwork that I have to schedule, I looked up (half horror, half humor) to see that Lily had finally found something “super cool” to keep her entertained as we waited.

She was excited to tell me, “Mom, I like coming with you to the baby doctor. Look at this cool puzzle – it’s like connect-the-dots with the numbers… See? One, two, three…”

Yep.  Connect-the-Dots.  On a plastic model of the female reproductive system that detailed various key aspects of the Mirena IUD form of birth control.  AWESOME.

mirena puzzle

I had a good giggle as I tried to nod in approval to her “game,” snapped a quick pic and texted it to Bob who may or may not have wet his pants when he received it.

But now that all is said and done, I’m thinking I might have actually gotten away easy… I mean, could you imagine if the only thing on display in our exam room was a poster of the male reproductive system?  Yeah.  That might have been worse.