Project Life Tuesday: Week 1

Last week I shared my new Project Life products and how I was excited to start turning my pictures and written memories into a beautiful scrapbook.  I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to flip through the completed pages.  To know that I have these special moments (both the significant ones and the ordinary everyday ones) documented makes me feel like I have something really priceless to pass along to the kids someday.

So I purchased my Project Life products back in July.  My goal was to start with January 2013 and work my way to the present.  I was hopeful that I would be caught up and doing Project Life in “real time” by the time baby #2 arrives.  I’m happy to report – I’m just about there.  I think the last week that I completed was the week of August 18th, so I’m about two weeks behind at this time.

Each week I’ll show you a few weeks of my book until I actually catch up on here to present day (if that ever happens LOL).  I will let you know what kit(s) I used and what photo page layouts you’re looking at.

Tip: If you’re like me, you might using social media (for me it’s mainly Facebook) to share those seemingly insignificant memories – silly things your kids have said, various milestones, pics of your family that other people have tagged you in, etc.  When I am working on a Project Life page, I go back on my Facebook timeline to that same exact week.  I look for anything I may have written or recorded that corresponds to that week that is worth including in my album.  For example, if it’s something funny that Lily said, I will write the quote down on a journal card and place in a pocket.  So simple!

For my very first ever Project Life binder, I chose the Honey edition because it matched my core kit.

Project Life Week 1 a

Week 1

Kits used: Project Life Core Kit – Honey Edition, Project Life Seasons – Mini Kit, Project Life Holidays – Mini Kit

Photo Layout Pages used: Design A & Design D

Here’s how they turned out!  The first page is made up of the suggested “front cover” cards that came with the Honey Core Kit.

Project Life Week 1 b

New Years Eve ’12 fun, awards banquet and more!

Project Life Week 1 c

Project Life Week 1 d

Project Life Week 1 e

Do you blog about Project Life?  If so, please leave a link in the comments below so that we can see your pages!