Welcome to the World, Landon!

landon 6

Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that I found out I was pregnant while on a cruise ship?

And yet just like that, the weeks and months flew right on by.  Before I knew it, we were saying goodbye to September and ushering in October.  And with October, came Best Day of My Life #2.

On 10/1/13 we breezed into the hospital at the desperately early hour of 5 am for a scheduled c-section.  3 hours after we arrived, Landon Robert was born – a sweet little beefcake who screamed his little lungs out to signal his arrival.

So here we are, two weeks later and yes, life pre-Landon is already melting into the present.  It’s hard to imagine life without him.

Lily is such a proud big sister and has been helping us and loving on him non-stop.

Bob and I are quickly re-learning all of the newborn STUFF – the feeding, diapering, swaddling, etc.  Funny how it both comes right back to you and seems so foreign – all at the same time!

Stay tuned for our never-ending adventures… but for now, a few pics.  🙂

landon 8

landon 7

landon 4

landon 5