Throwback Thursday: The Musketeer #TBT


The year was 1994.

The grade was 8th.

The scene was from a junior high school production of “The Three Musketeers.”

I was a drama clubbin’, Ace of Base lovin’, brace-face of a girl who thought she was pretty.darn.awesome in the acting realm.  Lest you think I landed a role in this play as one of the coveted musketeers, I did not.  Though you can see from my ultra cool tabard that I must have been someone of some sort of significance.

Yes, I was the CAPTAIN of the musketeers.  Heh?  I’m pretty sure our drama teacher made the role up, but hey – I wasn’t complaining.  I mean, LOOK AT MY COSTUME!

Factoid – only two people in our entire play (MYSELF BEING ONE OF THEM) got to use a “real” sword – both on loan from a local rental company.  Everyone else whose role required medieval weaponry had some sort of plastic imitation.  LAME.

In this pic you can see how my mom managed to capture my impressive acting capabilities.  It appears that I was in the middle of reprimanding D’Artagnan.

Clearly I missed my calling on Broadway.

Or probably not.