Elf on the Shelf: Week 2 in Review

We are in full-blown ELF MODE over here!

It has been exciting week with Oboe.  He has appeared all over the house, sometimes in an obvious spot, others not so much.

At the beginning of the week he just seemed to KNOW that Lily’s behavior that morning had been very (very!) unsavory.  He brought a bit of a nasty gram with him and needless to say, Lily made a QUICK turnaround.  Her behavior improved so much, Oboe actually left a follow up note of encouragement for her.

12913 elf on the shelf

12913b elf on the shelf

The next morning brought a decent amount of SNOW with it!  Preschool was closed and we had a cozy day inside, minus the hour or so of outside play that Lily enjoyed.

121013a elf on the shelf

Her day got off to a SUPER excited start when she opened her bedroom door!

121013b elf on the shelf

121013c elf on the shelf

121013d elf on the shelf

The next day, Oboe hid so well, Lily couldn’t find him despite her very best efforts.  It wasn’t until she went to get her breakfast cereal that we heard a SHRIEK come from the closet – what a crazy elf!

121113 elf on the shelf

The rest of the week, Oboe continued his silly hiding.  He set up our nativity scene, brought new ornaments for Lily and Landon, scaled new heights and even helped Landon find his pacifier!

121313 elf on the shelf

121413 elf on the shelf

121513 elf on the shelf

121213 elf on the shelf

What has YOUR elf been up to?