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Years ago when Lily was born, the birth announcements that I sent out were hardly anything to look at.  One picture, slapped onto a thin 4×8 piece of photo paper did the trick.  When my niece was born a few month later, my sister’s announcements put mine to shame… big time.  They were beautiful – the color pictures were laid out on a custom designed theme to match her daughter’s nursery.  They were more than a card that you read and then threw away… they were a keepsake, even a mini brag book that proud grandparents and aunties could carry around in their purse to show off at a moment’s notice.

When Landon was born, my sister traveled to our house on day 6 of his new little life.  She took some of the most epic, adorable pictures I’ve ever seen, including this whole series of firefighter newborn pictures.  I knew that those pictures deserved an amazing announcement.

I turned to my friend Nicole who designs all sorts of beautiful things, from announcements and cards to wedding invitations and wall prints.  Her store, Voilà! Customs by Nicole, features many options for personalized gifts and more.  Her talents don’t stop there – she also designs websites and blogs (she helped me with THIS blog’s design!) from her other business, Techmomogy.

I shared the nursery theme that we were using for Landon’s room with Nicole (the Engine 27 line by Nojo, sold by Target) and sat on pins and needles to see what she would come up with.

In line with every other piece of work that I have seen from Nicole, the announcement proof BLEW ME AWAY.  I’m pretty sure I yelled out loud at the computer when I opened up the files.  Then I sent the email to Bob, my sister and continued shrieking.

When the actual announcements arrived, I really couldn’t believe my eyes.  Thick, glossy, tri-fold cards that showcased my sister’s gorgeous photography and of course, my sweet little man.  Within a day of mailing the cards, I started receiving numerous calls, texts and emails from card recipients telling me that they were the nicest birth announcements they have ever seen.  That really speaks to the quality and creativity of Nicole’s work!

See for yourself – you can find Nicole here:

Voilà! Customs by Nicole
Voilà! Customs by Nicole ETSY SHOP

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