Positive Reinforcement with Good Bucks

After years in the classroom, using positive reinforcement as a behavior management technique is pretty much second nature to me. I like to “catch” Lily being good and reinforce when she is making a good choice. With that thought in mind, I made up “Good Bucks.” They are really just 4×8 photo cards and I … Read more

I Had a Moment Today

A total, complete and utter “Mom Moment.” Last day of preschool for Miss Lily Bean today – her very very first year of school is DONE.  Over.  History. I dropped Lily off this afternoon, got in the car and immediately started to cry.  And I DON’T CRY.  This tiny creature has humbled me in ways … Read more

Our First Bully

Today was one of those days when I got a glimpse into some of the parenting obstacles that wait for me in the not-so-far-off future. It started out innocently enough: freakishly hot Spring day, $.49 Dunkin Iced Coffee coupon, morning playdate with a super cool friend and her sweet daughter. We chatted away as the … Read more

Cafe de Lily

Lily: Mom, here is your menu so you can see what food we have at the restaurant. *hands me a wooden postcard from Melissa and Doug post office set* Me: Thanks!  Wow – it all sounds delicious.  Do you have any sandwiches? Lily:  No…  other people just ate them all. Me:  Oh.  Ok.  Do you … Read more