Why I Love Vegetable Gardens

Well, it’s certainly not because of the tedious work they entail – the constant watering and weeding.  I could really do without those aspects. But do you know why I LOVE having a garden? BECAUSE IT IS SO STINKIN’ CHEAP TO GROW LOCAL, FRESH, PESTICIDE FREE FOOD THAT I CAN FEEL GREAT ABOUT FEEDING MY … Read more

Frugal Fun at IHOP Today!

I had my niece over today, and while the idea of taking both girls out on my own seemed a little foreboding, I just couldn’t resist surprising them with free Spooky pancakes at IHOP. This was a true freebie – no other purchase was required, which was awesome.  (Though yes, I did purchase some food … Read more

Frugal Fruit Fly Trap – That WORKS!

Alright, I don’t know if the monsoon rain we had in August and September is the culprit or not, but this year (late summer/early fall especially) we have seen the WORST fruit fly, mosquito and spider (my GOD, the SPIDERS!) invasion that I can remember in recent history.  The bugs have been relentless and I … Read more