Sometimes We All Have Days…

that feel like this… no? p.s. Yes, she did this to herself. She is actually screaming with laughter. Yes, she is a wild woman.

Our Travel Reviews – A Digital Compilation

(Above pic take at Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC.) We sure have done our share of traveling with a kid in tow – I like to think that I am getting close to being a self-proclaimed expert in packing for a family trek. I am going to use this post as a running collection of … Read more

The Kid. The Dog. And a Tiara.

The other day I headed into the kitchen to start dinner.  I knew that Lily Bean was occupying herself in the living room and I knew that she was having a grand time with her potty doll. Making dinner each day is always met with no fewer than 5 interruptions from Lily.  The usual laundry … Read more

That All-Important, Quintessential First Post

Here it is. Here I am. This is my brand new blog. I’d love to write something wickedly inspiring to kick this one off – you know, something with a lot of GUSTO that really grabs the reader in and seals a lifelong friendship.  But it’s approaching midnight, my eyelids are propped open with toothpicks … Read more