Simple Berry Candle Holiday Centerpiece / Table Decor

So if you know me in real life, you know that I am NOT an overly crafty person. It’s not that I lack the inner desire to know how to sew, knit or master the fine art of puffy painting. The desire is there. The skill is not. I came across this idea for a … Read more

Easter Candy Making with Chocolate Candy Melts

I am by NO means a chocolatier – unless, of course, eating a lot of chocolate qualifies you as some sort of expert.  But I doubt it. This morning Lily, my stepmom and myself tried our hand at some Easter candy making and I have to say – they didn’t turn out half bad!  I … Read more

Easter Peep and Jellybean Centerpiece

I am FAR from the first person to think of this centerpiece idea – Pinterest is just loaded with different renditions. You can choose between different jellybeans, different colored Peeps and pick your favorite type of flower to place inside.  (The most common flowers that I have seen used are tulips.) I chose purple bunny … Read more

Easter Jellybean Candy Candle Holder

Put an Easter spin on this super easy piece of table decor! Pour some jellybeans (or any Easter-themed non-melting candy or sprinkles) in the bottom of the glass candle holder.  Place candle on top of candy layer.  Fill more candy around candle until you get your desired look. Place your festive candles around the house … Read more

frugal candy candle holder / valentine’s centerpiece ideas

I have been making simple Valentine’s Day centerpieces for our dining room table using those classic Conversation Hearts for at least 4 or 5 years now. It is such a simple (cheap!) idea – and it brightens the whole room! This year I added two more variations – using two different varieties of sprinkles. Honestly … Read more