Perler Bead Cookie Cutter Holiday Ornaments

Every year, for better or worse, my friend Amy and I make some sort of holiday tree ornament en masse with the kiddies. We try to pick something easy and cute, something that we can gift to the grandmothers, aunties, etc. Inevitably, almost every year, we run into some sort of issue while knee-deep in … Read more

Snowman Fingerprint Christmas Ornaments

Every year my friend Amy and I attempt to make some sort of Christmas tree ornament with the kiddies. Last year we made cinnamon applesauce ornaments. This year our ornaments were simply going to be throw-color-and-sparkles-into-glass-balls-and-write-kids’-names-and-year-on-back ornaments.  But when we got knee-deep into the project, we realized that the balls were not coming out the … Read more