Sunset Pictures on Jockey’s Ridge (Outer Banks, NC)

If you ever have the privilege of visiting the barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina (aka Outer Banks) you will most likely drive past Jockey’s Ridge. You see, there is only one main highway that travels the entire north-south route along the islands.  Once you pop over the bridge and arrive in Kitty … Read more

Thanksgiving. In August. At the Beach.

You know how sometimes you get these bizarre ideas and after kicking it around a bit, you ultimately decide, “Oh, what the hell?  Let’s go for it!” So let’s rewind to maybe June.  One of my very best bffs Melisa called me up to ask me a question about our upcoming vacation to the Outer … Read more

12 Miles Later We Were Home with Some Donuts

Last week while on vacation in the Outer Banks, NC, I learned two very important things: 1)  Vacation is not really the super best time to attempt ambitious physical challenges. 2)  I am not Lance Armstrong. It started out innocently enough.  Ya see, my sister had been in the Outer Banks with her family just … Read more