Pumpkin Bread: Our Thanksgiving Tradition

I am happy to report, the annual day-of-pumpkin-bread baking was a success!  We should have enough delicious pumpkin bread for holiday meals, winter breakfasts, gifting to family, etc. Pumpkin bread freezes great and keeps for months (I wrap each loaf in a double layer of aluminum foil.) This bread is always a must-have at our … Read more

Fall Pumpkin Dip

Every year I tell myself that I am going to make a pumpkin dip for one of our many fall gatherings…. and it never happens.  I either forget or just don’t get to it. This year I was determined to finally whip up a batch.  It turned out to not only be one of the … Read more

Wild Turkey by Paula J. Wilshe

Happy Thanksgiving! As I have mentioned here and there – my mom was a fantabulous writer – especially her humor stories. And so, in honor of the day, I am dusting off her collection of stories and want to share this true (only slightly embellished) story of a Thanksgiving from yesteryear. This story was written … Read more

Mom’s Pumpkin Bread Recipe – A Thanksgiving Tradition!

Thanksgiving week means one thing in this house – and no, it’s not Black Friday shopping. Thanksgiving time is pumpkin bread baking time! This tradition started back with my grandmother. I grew up baking the same recipe with my own mom year after year. After my mom died, my sister and I kept it going. … Read more