barreling towards 2012

It’s just before 3 pm est on New Years Eve. And I am sitting here at my desk, not unlike many other days. But today I find myself in that Resolution Mindset that sets in every single 31st of December.

I find my thoughts lingering on events and happenings of the past year, both worldly and within our circle of family and friends.  We have lost some great people, we have also welcomed new additions.  It is incredible how much can change in just 365 days (while other things seem to stay the same year after year).

During my very first holiday season blogging (2009) this is what I saw when I peeked over my laptop:

little lily

Then last year, this princess-loving little toddler was starting to emerge (2010):


And now this year, 2011.  Not much has changed on the princess-obsessed front.  If anything, it has grown to new heights.  But I now have this chatterbox of a 3 year old.  She rides ponies, goes to preschool and warns me when my language is bordering offensive.  (Yesterday I got a stern look when I yelled, “Man ALIVE!”  I don’t even know what that means, but I thought it was better than yelling $()*%$)(*@#.  Apparently, Lily failed to see the difference.)

A lot can change in a year!

This is the first year in a long long time that I am looking back at all 12 months and smiling, because they were truly that enjoyable.

Family, friends, YOU as amazing readers – this year was really wonderful.

I was reading over my resolutions for 2011 and figured I would use them to make new ones for ’12.

The mind

Last year I wanted to learn more about daunting parenting topics – namely potty training and getting picky toddlers to eat better foods.  I also wanted to read more – a whole shelf of books awaited me.

Potty training?  Done!  What I thought was going to be a long and very distressing journey ended in (literally) an afternoon when Lily decided that the potty was not, as it had seemed, EVIL, but yet a pretty fabulous invention.

Picky eater?  Lily is still a picky eater and likes french fries and pizza a little too much.  But I have discovered that involving her in the baking and cooking process piques her interest BIG time.  She will now eat LOTS of things that she used to refuse – all because she has a hand in helping to prepare them.

Books?  Uh.  I didn’t read a single stinkin’ book on my shelf.  Not ONE.  I think the only book that I read in 2011 was The Help (which I loved).  That’s sad, because I really do love reading.

This year I really vow to read more.  I got a Kindle for Christmas and am miraculously already halfway through my first book.  YAY!!!

The body

This is FINALLY going to be a FUN one to address!  January 1st is almost ALWAYS the day that I run around the house and throw out anything full of sugar, icing, syrup or fat.  I promise myself that I will get into better shape and usually start strong but lose steam right around Valentine’s Day.

In 2011 I lost and have so far kept off 20 pounds.  I am hoping to knock a bit more off in ’12, but I am honestly thrilled with coming this far.

In October I started the Couch to 5K running program.  I have NEVER ever ever run in my life.  Seriously.  I don’t even remember running the mile in high school gym class – pretty sure I faked some sort of injury and walked it instead.

This morning was the end of Week 6 on the program and after a 5 minute walk to warm up, I jogged for 25 minutes without stopping – 1.75 miles.  🙂

My goal for 2012 is to enter and complete a 5k!

The fam

2011 was full of some great family time – a couple neat trips and lots of time watching Lily grow and learn.  Of course, I saw a little less of my family once Black Friday hit – from that point on, busy season kicked in, and I was frequently on the computer for 10-15+ hours every day.  It’s kind of inevitable that that will happen each year and I am SUPER thankful to have such a great husband who doesn’t mind cooking a dinner or two (or 17), picking up takeout or (I’m serious!) doing the dishes so that I can put up more deals.

I look forward to things slowing down on the site as the January “blahs” kick in and will enjoy that time with Miss Lily Bean!

The siteS

What can I say?

This all just started as a hobby while I was on maternity leave.  Never in a million years did I dream it would turn into a full time job.  This year I launched 2 new sites, including this one.  I continue to be so very humbled that you take a few minutes out of your busy week to see what I’ve been up to or have posted.

I thank you for making me smile and laugh every day – and for sharing your stories, trials, tribulations and successes right along with me.

I wish you the VERY best 2012.  May it be full of peace, joy and love.

Happy New Year!

42 mc