frugal candy candle holder / valentine’s centerpiece ideas

valentines day candy candle centerpieces

I have been making simple Valentine’s Day centerpieces for our dining room table using those classic Conversation Hearts for at least 4 or 5 years now. It is such a simple (cheap!) idea – and it brightens the whole room!

This year I added two more variations – using two different varieties of sprinkles.

Honestly – you can make these in less than one minute per holder.


Gather your candy, candles and votive holders (or hurricane candleholders, etc – depends on how big or small you would like your decorations to be).

Pour some candy (or sprinkles) in the bottom of the glass holder.  Place candle on top of candy layer.  Fill more candy around candle until you get your desired look.

Place your festive candles around the house – these look great lit or left unlit if you don’t like open flames.

The small votive holders cost me about $1 each to make – that includes the sprinkles, holder and candle.

The slightly larger hurricane holder cost me about $4 to make – $1.25 for candy, $2 for the holder and less than $1 for the candle.

Simple, sweet and fun to look at!