How to Make a Piping Bag – Without the Mess

My attempt at making hot cocoa spoon stirrers the other day almost ended before it really began.  As I melted my first batch of chocolate in the microwave, I quickly became aware that I needed at least three hands to spoon the drippy, melted chocolate into my plastic baggy.  It was just NOT happening.  Made a friggin’ MESS.

After I licked more chocolate than I care to admit off my hands, then washed my hands, then washed the counter… I prepared for assault #2.

This time I grabbed one of Lily’s cups before heating the chocolate.  I stuck the bag into the cup and folded the top of the bag over the rim of the cup.

It worked!

The bag stayed in place, giving me both hands to hold the bowl of chocolate and spoon the melted goodness into the sandwich bag.

Once your chocolate is in the bag, guide it towards one of the bottom corners.  Get as much of the excess air out of the bag as possible and seal the bag.

Grab a pair of scissors and snip the corner of the bag.

Instant piping bag in the most simple sense!

Pipe away and repeat process as necessary.  If you are working with melted chocolate (as opposed to icing, etc), it will start to firm up in no time, so you will need to work quickly.