Pucker Up, Valentine! (lemonade valentine teacher gift)

teacher valentines tumbler cup gift

Yet ANOTHER Pinterest-inspired craft that I can check off my list!  This week’s task was to come up with a cute Valentine idea for Lily to give to her preschool teacher and teacher’s aide.  The original idea for this craft (used as a teacher appreciation gift) came from Lisa Storms.

To rock this one, you will need:

  • Reusable iced coffee tumblers (I bought these on Amazon, but I know that I’ve seen them at Kmart, etc before)
  • Lemonade “to-go” packets (If you’re going for the “pucker up” theme – otherwise you can substitute whatever cold beverage packets you’d like)
  • Tag for the straw – made on computer or drawn by hand, your choice
  • Optional – paper shredded filling, confetti hearts, lollipop or other “topper” (I picked up the heart lollipops for $.39/each at Michael’s by the checkout impulse item area.)

I have to admit, I am quite pleased with the final result!

These are so stinkin’ cute and they are PRACTICAL as well.

Other variations: Use iced tea packets and the tag line “I’d be tea-lighted if you were my Valentine!” or use instant coffee packets (like Starbucks Via) with the tag line “I’d like it a ‘latte’ if you’d be my Valentine!”  <– p.s. I just thought of both of those myself.  I’m not bragging about the creativity, more like apologizing for the painfully cheesy factor.

pucker up lemonade valentine

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