Unclutter the Clutter: Pin Recipes to Try on Pinterest, Toss Magazines

I have a little problem.

Actually – it’s getting to be a big problem.

I am always posting these great magazine deals and more often than not, I decide to pick up a subscription for myself.  I have lost track of how many magazines currently arrive at my house every month – but the number is obscene.

Last weekend I grabbed a stack of unread magazines (the pile was INCHES high) and sat down, determined to plow through every last one of them.  I love the idea of magazines, but I hardly ever have the time to read them.  When I finally do make some time to sit down and read one or two, it never fails – I find at least one recipe in every magazine that I really want to try someday.  So I tell myself that I will just keep the issue.  This results in piles upon piles of magazines.  Everywhere.

If I were to star on a show, it would probably be Hoarding: Buried Alive (Under Magazines).  I’m exaggerating.  But not by much.

Here is a portion of my stack of magazines that I wanted to read:

As I began to read and skim the various issues, I found myself wishing that I could pin these real pieces of paper to my recipe board on Pinterest.

And then it dawned on me: I CAN.  Sorta.

The first recipe that I came across and wanted to save was for a Sausage Broccoli Calzone in Taste of Home Magazine.

I grabbed my laptop and Googled the title of that recipe, along with the name of the magazine.  WELL WHAT DO YOU KNOW?  There it was!  PIN.

Next recipe!  PIN.

And on and on and on.

I ended up finding every single recipe that I wanted to try online.  These recipes came from Everyday with Rachael Ray, Family Circle, Taste of Home and Kraft Food and Family.  I was able to find and pin at least a dozen recipes right onto Pinterest.


How liberating!

Now my food board on Pinterest has a bunch of new ideas and I don’t have to entertain even the tiniest thought of whether or not I should keep the magazine once I have read it!

food pinterest

How about you?  Do you keep old issues of magazines once you have read them?