Snow White at Sellersville Theater (aka “Why Kids’ Theater ROCKS”)

snow white 1

snow white

Just a quick note – we took Lily Bean and her cousin to see Snow White this morning at the Sellersville Theater.

This kids’ theater performance was a by-kids-for-kids show and the girls got SUCH a kick out of watching it!

Tickets were $8 each (okay, actually $9 each after the $1/ticket service charge).

Even if you don’t live near this theater, don’t forget to look for kid theater performances near YOU.  There are several great features that add to their awesomeness:

  • Tickets are usually pretty cheap, even free in some locations
  • Since the performances are intended for a child audience the occassional noise from rowdy/hungry/curious/excited toddlers and/or babies is accepted by the rest of the theater-goers
  • Shows are often shorter than traditional theater, as they are written with kids in mind (along with their shorter attention spans).  Our show today lasted around 45 minutes – perfect.
  • The shorter show length, more kid-friendly atmosphere and relatively low ticket prices makes these shows ideal for introducing your little ones to the theater.  They can practice theater ettiquette in a low-key, laid back environment!