No One Will Ever Accuse Us of Missing a Great Sale…

I know, I know, I owe you some serious updates on the Kitchen Project!

Here is the first of a bunch – this is proof that we will do just about anything to avoid missing a SUPER SALE.  Earlier this year, IKEA was running a mega kitchen sale – everything was 10% – 20% off, the more you spent, the more you saved.  (Note: this sale is actually happening again, right now – ends 8/19/12.) We happened to find a kitchen that we loved at IKEA.  Then we learned that IKEA appliances are actually made by Whirlpool AND they come with a free 5 year warranty, so we figured, “What the hell?  We’ll get everything at IKEA.”

To design an IKEA kitchen, you start at home on your computer and use their kitchen design tools to choose cabinets, appliances, etc.  Bob designed ours in a few hours and we headed to our local store to place the order.  This process took AWHILE (as in HOURS)  because our employee-helper had to put every last piece of trim and hardware into the order – LOTS of parts!

kitchen planning at ikea

Thank goodness IKEA has little kid-occupying stations – Lily was pretty content between the play areas, the ipod and some coloring pages.

After all of the ordering and all of the figuring – we ended up saving enough money (we scored the 20% off discount) that we got every. single. appliance for FREE.  Ah-MAZING! The best part was the cabinets, granite countertop, etc still came in under budget compared to what we originally planned for.

There was, however, one thing that was a bit of an inconvenience.

We had to take delivery of everything (minus the granite) within one week.

Every last cabinet, bolt, drawer and appliance had to be delivered just days after purchasing… and guess what?  This was in late MARCH!  Construction, or rather excavating, didn’t even begin until LATE JUNE!!

So for the past, um, five months now, we have been living around boxes and boxes of IKEA this and that.

Here’s our borderline disastrous dining room with the wall ovens –

And our upstairs hallway which has been home to all cabinets, hardware and multiple appliances –

And let’s not forget the refrigerator in our garage!

So has this been a minor pain in the ass?  Yep.

Would we do it again?  Yep.

Great savings and we have really had excellent luck with our other IKEA furniture.

Where have you found some great deals on furniture and/or appliances?