Positive Reinforcement with Good Bucks

After years in the classroom, using positive reinforcement as a behavior management technique is pretty much second nature to me.

I like to “catch” Lily being good and reinforce when she is making a good choice.

With that thought in mind, I made up “Good Bucks.” They are really just 4×8 photo cards and I changed the text and stuck her picture in the middle.  Lily can earn Good Bucks for, you guessed it, good behavior.

Bucks can then be LOST for unsavory behavior.

I typed up a little rewards chart in Microsoft Word and chose some of Lily’s very favorite things/treats so that she would actually be motivated to earn, save up and redeem her bucks.  (Not to mention get upset when she loses them.)

I use this incentive system to promote good behavior but also to teach her the concept of saving up your “money” to get a bigger prize instead of blowing it on smaller things.

Do you use any kind of incentive or behavior chart/system?