Saving America’s Mustangs… and How You Can Help #SaveAmericasMustangs

True story (as retold to me many times by my mother):  Many years ago, when I was around 3 years old, I went on my first pony ride.  I screamed, yelled, cried and shrieked hysterically the entire way around the ring.  My ride was cut short because I was making such a scene.  My dad pulled me off of the pony and announced to my mom, “Well!  Annie Oakley she’s NOT!”

Fast forward a couple years – I was five.  I took my first riding lesson.  I was HOOKED.  I loved these creatures called horses – they were so furry and cute and you could RIDE on them and they were friendly.  What’s not to love?  I certainly came by this love of horses honestly – my mom loved them as well and had her own horse when she was a teenager.

Horses played such an integral part in my childhood, right on into adulthood and now motherhood.  Horses were always a release for me.  They didn’t judge me when my adolescent face exploded in zits.  They didn’t laugh at my braces or my awful bangs or the um, fanny pack that I thought was super cool.  They were just there.  They liked hugs, attention and were superb listeners.

From my first horse, Holly –

to my first show on Miller –

to my very sweet beloved pony Danny…

From the practice ring  –

to the show ring…

Horses have always been there for me.  They represent a part of my life that I shared with my mom and that I now share with my daughter.  When Lily Bean took her first lesson last fall, the same week that she turned 3, I could barely contain my excitement.  (Okay, okay, there was no containing what-so-ever.)

It’s obvious to me that even at such a young age, Lily gets it.  She gets horses and loves them for the wondrous fluffy beasts that they are.  They will be there for her through thick and thin.  They won’t judge her.  They will only love her.

Bob and I are keeping the surprise of all surprises from her right now.  We have searched and searched for the most perfect little pony – safe for her to learn to ride and to love on.   This week we picked our pony up and dropped her off for some training, pony boot camp, if you will.  Lily just adores her and thinks that she is going to be a new lesson pony at the farm where she rides.  She has NO CLUE that the pony will actually be hers. I can’t wait to watch all of the adventures that her and this sweet little pony are going to have together.

lily and pretzel pony

Thanks to my lifelong love of horses, I have always been interested in the plight of America’s Wild Mustangs. However it wasn’t until very recently that I learned that Madeleine Pickens is on a mission to save them, one by one, in a very unique way.  Saving America’s Mustangs is a foundation for the preservation of America’s wild horses.

With the development of the Wild Horse Eco-Preserve in Nevada, wild mustangs will serve as a living monument to America’s heritage while they live in a safe environment.  Rather than be rounded up during scheduled governement gatherings and sent to a senseless slaughter (currently happening) they will be protected.  The public will be able to visit this preserve and living museum (called Mustang Monument).  They will see and learn all about the mustangs.

Did you know that over 2 million wild mustangs used to roam free across our western frontier? Guess how many there are now? Less than 30,000. Now is the time for action, before it is too late and this most rugged and true symbol of American freedom ceases to exist.

How you can help: Educate yourself! Know what is happening! Take a few minutes to watch the video below and read the information on Saving America’s Mustangs website.

You can follow Saving America’s Mustangs on Facebook.

Take a look at the video below to see the Saving America’s Horses in action:

About Saving America’s Mustangs: Wild horses are a living symbol of our American heritage and freedom. These Mustangs must be protected. Businesswoman and philanthropist, Madeleine Pickens, is committed to this promise. Through her Foundation, citizens from all walks of life are uniting to create a permanent home, a Sanctuary, to save these magnificent national treasures.

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