Where to Find Galvanized Steel Buckets for a Pony or Farm Party

I am waist-deep in pony-party-planning-mania (fueled no doubt by the massive amount of inspiration I have found on Pinterest).

I was desperately wanting to find steel buckets – mostly to hold various party snack items.  They tie in perfectly with the farm theme and will look great.

I was getting frustrated because everywhere I looked (online) the prices seemed OUTRAGEOUS.  Etsy, Ebay and other sites either didn’t have exactly what I was looking for or they required you to purchase the buckets in bulk or a set quantity OR the prices were simply higher than I was willing to pay (and don’t forget hefty shipping charges as well!).

Then one day it dawned on me – check the local farm supply store.  SCORE!

One trip to Tractor Supply Co and I had buckets galore – and the prices were right.

steel galvanized buckets wtih sizes and prices

These buckets will work great.

Then at Target, the Dollar Spot had even smaller pails – the perfect size for favors, candy, etc.  They had all different colors.  I stuck to the traditional silver steel and this variety also had little chalkboards ready for labeling!

So the bottom line – when you are planning a party or event, think about the items you need.  Decide if any of these items (mason jars, containers of some other sort, furniture, etc) can be found anywhere other than specialty stores, catalogs or websites.

Can you find what you’re looking for at a local thrift shop or home improvement store?  Perhaps on Freecycle or Craigslist?  Yard sale or consignment sale?

If you plan your party or event in advance, you will have plenty of time to scout out good deals on a variety of items!