Paint Trickle Pumpkins


If you have been following on my Facebook page, you know that it’s been living-without-power-mania here.  Our surrounding area (Philadelphia suburbs) has been ravaged by Hurricane Sandy.  The destruction is everywhere – mostly in the form of extreme wind damage as we were spared some of the flooding rain that was originally forecast.  Most of our friends and family are still without power and it’s looking like the power will be out upwards of another week for some.  This marks the second year in a row that Halloween has been postponed due to natural disaster.

This would also mark the second year in a row that we bought pumpkins having every intention to carve them.  But carving pumpkins with no way to wash our pumpkin-guts-hands just did NOT sound at all appealing, so it was time to get creative.

We rounded up the pumpkins that Lily picked on her field trip to the farm last week.  I had some acrylic paint on hand and we spread out a trash bag with roll paper on top.

This method of pumpkin decorating is as simple as it gets: from the top of the pumpkin, drizzle paint so that it slides down the pumpkin’s side.  Alternate colors if you so desire and let them dry for several hours (overnight is ideal).