Skinny Chicken Chili Taco Bowls

taco bowl - title

So last week after I figured out how to make taco bowls out of tortillas, it was time to start stuffing them!

This dinner idea is so COLORFUL!  And you know what?  It tastes as GREAT as it looks!

Serves: 2

You will need:

:: Taco Bowls (we each ate three bowls made from small corn tortillas)

:: Three Bean Chili (substitute your fave chili if you’d prefer!) – we each ate one serving of chili spread among our three small bowls – about 1 and 1/2 cups of chili.  There will be PLENTY of chili left over to freeze or refrigerate for future meals if you make the full recipe.

:: Boneless skinless chicken breast (cooked, shredded)

:: Fresh Tomato Salsa

:: Fat free sour cream

:: Shredded lettuce

:: Low Fat Shredded Cheddar Cheese

How to make:

:: Prepare your three bean chili in slow cooker.  In the last two hours of cooking, add shredded chicken.

taco bowl shredded chicken

:: Place taco bowls on plates.

:: Add toppings!  I added in this order – chili –> cheese –> lettuce –> sour cream –> salsa.


taco bowl