New Year’s Family Time Capsules

NYE time capsule

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve.  We had our annual Rockin’ New Years party with some of our closest friends.  We enjoyed their company into the wee hours of the morning, then slept in until 11 am and yes, as dinner approaches I am still in my pajamas.  A rare, cozy, restful day!

I have been wanting to start a time capsule tradition for a couple years now, but have never actually sat down to make one.

Today was the day!

I have seen various examples of these year-at-a-glance collections – some that include pictures, toys and other trinkets, memorabilia like ticket stubs, family surveys and more.  Some are placed in boxes, others in jars or even bags and envelopes.  Some are buried in the bark yard, some stored away, some displayed on a shelf.

The specific details are up to you.  Here is what I used:

:: pint sized ball jar and lid

:: collage of pictures taken during the past year made on Picasa and printed on plain white paper

:: Lily’s 2012 school picture

:: survey that Lily and I filled out with her likes and dislikes, etc.  You can easily make up your own survey, though I used one from The Finer Things in Life.  (If you like her Facebook page you can print your own copy for free.)

:: print outs of the year – one big (to go in the jar), one small (to go on the lid)

Time Capsule 2

Assembling the time capsule is the easy part!

Tape the smaller year printout to the jar lid.   Place the larger year printout inside the jar so the date can be read from the outside.

Place family survey(s) behind the picture collage with the pictures facing OUT.  Fold papers in half lengthwise and place in jar.

Stick school picture(s) in the middle of rolled up papers.

Place somewhere safe and enjoy opening and exploring them in years to come!

Time Capsule 3

Time Capsule 4

Time Capsule 5