North Pole Tea at Tilly Mint’s Tea Room (Souderton, PA)

We have a local secret just a few miles down the road – it is a sweet little shop that is tucked off the main road in Souderton, PA.

Tilly Mint’s Tea Room is a restaurant owned and operated by the mom of a gal I went to school with.  While I have been in the tea room several times over the last few years (dropping off toys for the holiday toy drive, volunteering with Snap Happy Minis and more) I have never been there as a patron.

I couldn’t wait for Lily Bean to be old enough to take her to lunch at Tilly Mint’s – and last month was their annual North Pole Tea.  This was the perfect opportunity to pay an official visit!  We made our reservation months in advance along with my sister’s family and a couple of our friends and their daughters.

The North Pole Tea includes a full lunch with dessert, lots of delicious piping hot tea and of course, a visit from the Big Guy in Red.

Lily was out-of-her-mind PSYCHED when the day of our tea rolled around.  She all but dove into her clothes and was chomping at the bit to head out and see her friends.

Tilly Mints Santa Tea A

The tea exceeded our highest expectations.  The attention to detail in the decor, the menu, etc were evident as soon as we stepped inside the door.

The girls were all dressed up and thrilled to sit together at the end of the table sipping their tea (both hot and cold – they had their choice)!

Tilly Mints Santa Tea C

Tilly Mints Santa Tea B

The menu was incredible!

For the kids…

Tilly Mints Santa Tea E

Tilly Mints Santa Tea H

Tilly Mints Santa Tea I

Tilly Mints Santa Tea J

And for the adults…

Tilly Mints Santa Tea D

Tilly Mints Santa Tea G

And you know what?  Everything tasted even BETTER than it looked!

We were at the tea room for almost 2 hours.  We had plenty of time to eat and enjoy everyone’s company.

An actual price per person is escaping my mind at the moment, but I can tell you our bill was right around $100 for 2 adults and 1 child.  This total included our food and tip.

We all walked away with huge smiles on our faces – even Bob who really had no idea what we were dragging him to – made a point to thank Trish, the owner, and let her know how great everything was.

My sister and I plan to make this an annual tradition with our families.  If you are local to the Souderton, PA area, definitely check out Tilly Mint’s Tea Room – they are open year round!

Tilly Mints Santa Tea F

We received absolutely no compensation, special treatment or discount in exchange for this review.  The idea for a review was entirely my own and simply a reflection on something cool our family enjoyed that I wanted to share.  All opinions are 100% our own.